Dare to change (your sleeping habits)- and feel the difference

For many months, Patty was waking up with neck pain. She knew exactly what was causing that, yet she was not ready to change it. Why?

Every improvement begins with a decision

Do you know this feeling when something has been bothering you for so long, but for some reason, you were keeping it inside you, trying to handle it and not complain? 

And for some reason.. you were simply not ready for a change, not ready to take measures and find a solution. Even though frustration grows within you like a pile of used tissues grows next to your bed when you get a cold…

And then one day the time comes- and something breaks in you and you know you can’t go on like that anymore.

That’s exactly what happened to Patty when she called her daughter Angela last week in the morning and without any “Hi Sweetie” or “Good morning Dear”, she said straight away: “I need a new pillow”. And Angella replied: ‘Thank God, finally!’

Angela knew her mom suffered from neck pain, she knew the reason for that and she had already found something she believed might bring a solution. But Patty just wasn’t ready to give it a try. She didn’t want to stop sleeping on her old pillow.

A story of one gift

Patty loved her old pillow because she got it from her sister Paula who passed away just a few months ago. Paula bought the pillow and embroidered it by herself, with a special dedication for Patty. This pillow was the last thing Patty got from Paula and every time she put her face on it, she was remembering her sister and in some way, she felt as if some part of Paula was not gone...

But there was a problem.

The problem was that this pillow was horribly uncomfortable. No matter how beautiful it was and how many precious memories it brought back, it was simply too fluffy, loosen, and didn’t support the neck at all. Patty could feel it every night (and morning) more and more, but simply denied the necessity of replacing the last gift from her sister with another pillow.

Until that morning.

Her daughter Angela was happy to hear that because she had already bought her Mom a new neck support pillow, and was just waiting for the right moment.

In order to welcome something new, 
you might need to say goodbye first

Every change in our life requires courage and readiness. Readiness to say “goodbye” to old things and readiness to try new things. Sometimes we are afraid of changes; we want things to stay the same, or we fear disappointment or failure.

But often just a small change can bring a huge improvement.

“Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results”.

-Albert Einstein

A full-time employee: a device that works for your spine for 8 hours per day

A full-time employee: 
a device that works for your spine for 8 
hours per day

Anyone who ever experienced pain in the neck knows how much discomfort it causes.

This horrible feeling when you wake up and the first thing you can feel is tension in your neck.

This frustration when you can’t sit at the desk comfortably, when you turn your neck right and left every few minutes, trying to relieve yourself.

The sore neck is an extremely common health problem - approximately 80% of people (!) experienced neck pain during their lifetime, and 20% to 50% (!) deal with it annually.

We all know there are numerous reasons causing neck pain, e.g. sitting at the desk for too long. Negative emotions, like stress or grief, accumulate in the upper back and make us slouch.

Just as many reasons, there are many solutions to neck pain - creams, massage treatment, massage devices, etc.

But only one item, one “therapy” will affect you head and neck for 8 hours per day .

A pillow.

No other object can influence the upper spine for such a long period of time every single day. If we just visualize this amount of time and acknowledge the impact it may bring to our health, doesn’t it become reasonable to get the best pillow possible?

Meet Necklow Pillow- the breakthrough
solution for a goodnight sleep

Who doesn't want to wake up feeling fresh and healthy?

The right pillow is one of the elements of a proper sleeping hygiene.

Necklow pillow is an innovative pillow combined of around 8 million micro airballs.

How exactly the Necklow Pillow can 
change your sleep quality?

Two main factors of the pillow affect your sleep comfort: shape and filling.

You probably noticed that Necklow Pillow doesn’t resemble any other cushion. Its unique, rounded shape makes it look like something you want to lay down on and hug. This shape is not a coincidence, it has been carefully designed to restore the proper alignment of the spine.

The dents and bulges create a special space for the head- this design aligns your head in the right, healthy position. The filling of the pillow works the same way- tiny air balls adapt to the head in every sleeping position, without making any noise. The great thing about it is that Necklow Pillow is really comfortable whether you sleep on your stomach, back, or on the side. It is quite important, considering the fact that an average person switches the position around a dozen times per night.

Here's What Homeowners Love About Necklow Pillow

" I highly recommended this “Necklow” pillow. I slept on various pillows fro the cheapest to the most expensive memorie foam or bamboo pillows. I always woke up with a stif neck or headache. I have my “Necklow” pillow for around 4 weeks. I have not woken up with any stiff neck or headache. I ordered more even for my recliner chair. "

-Peter D.

“The Necklow Pillow has been such a game-changer. I haven’t had such a goodnight’s sleep in... I can’t remember when” 


“I absolutely LOVE this pillow!! It's always a perfect fit, correct support no matter what sleeping position, stays smooth & cool, space for BREATHING when side sleeping ... no more fighting with my pillow, then waking with neck ache. Cannot recommend it highly enough. Thank you!”


Additionally, the pillow comes with a special pillowcase. Not only this pillowcase but the pillow itself can be washed in the machine, which makes it very hygienic. Both are made of a very soft and breathable cotton fabric that doesn’t absorb sweat or dirt.

Changes pay off

Since Patty started sleeping on the Necklow Pillow, her morning neck pain was gone. Although she missed her sister’s pillow during the first few nights, she realized very soon how much the pillow influences the quality of her sleep. 

How much it would cost me?

Many medical pillows cost more than $100.

Necklow Pillow is on sale now for $69.

The pillow comes with a cotton pillowcase and a gift- an eye mask. It’s available also in a bundle- 2 pillows, 2 pillowcases and 2 eye masks for $117,95

Luckily, some changes in our life are risk-free - Necklow provides 30-night money-back guarantee.

So dare to try it as you’ve got nothing to lose.

8 Million

Micro Airbells

necklow pillow

other pillow

30 Nights

Satisfaction Guarantee

Work for Back, Side

& Stomach Sleepers

Long Lasting


Can Cost

Hundreds of Dollars

How You Can Get Necklow Pillow:

Necklow pillow wants to you with open arms by giving you 55% OFF your order.

Plus if you are not totally in love with Necklow, we have a 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Just shoot us an email

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